want to post research? if you cant think of anything yourself right now please search online for the following subjects or search terms (focus on credible + well-sourced research; we prefer investigative journalism to advocacy, although feel free to make associations or go on tangents if they’re elucidating enough):


worker-led factories
satellite-based solar
Ivar Krueger
artificial diamond making


to post privately please email findings to: spectre.event.horizon.group [at] gmail [dot] com
otherwise please post anything relevant you find below as a comment

read about timebanking here:


One Response to “Yes We Need Help”

  1. Joseph Says:

    Feral Cities:

    Feral cities – The New Strategic Environment
    Richard J. Norton


    Redrawing the Map of the Future
    P. H. Liotta and James F. Miskel


    Spotting Trouble Identifying Faltering and Failing States
    Richard J. Norton and James F. Miskel


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