One reason we moved to WordPress was so we could learn from our site traffic, because now can see which research subjects are popular. The point of all this is to help good information travel: we traffic in things we think more people should know about. That said, there’s a few ways you can help (if you like what you find here):

Join the Email List – and forward your favorite email reposts along to people you think would want to know. Apparently a lot of people forward Spectre – it’s become part of our charm – a following beyond our membership, and for this we are grateful. We invite them to join us.

Post things that you think more people should be thinking about to the following email: spectre_event_horizon_group [at] googlegroups [dot] com. We stay away from opinion, for the most part; but please post research, post journalism, post evidence, post analysis. Make your (well-researched) case, as it stands currently. It may well get reposted here as well, and in any case it will live on in the archive, which is searchable, and pretty well-trafficked itself. We’ve had international researchers that’ve gotten coverage here write in to make clarifications, which was exciting, and we encourage. We invite them to join as well.

Meanwhile, please invite people you think would like being in Spectre to join for themselves.

Please comment below if you have any ideas for us, like that really obvious thing we should do to build our site traffic. It is in your interest: the more good minds that join us – and there are some good ones here already – the more good minds might post (and the more good minds you’ll reach if you share your research). The posts are quite easy to make. Google something. Be thorough, and include links; they function both as footnote and credit. Post. (We recommend building your post in a saveable desktop text application, and not precariously over the gaping black-hole that is a crashable browser page.) If you feature a researcher, please include their website and email, if available, in an [at] [dot] spam-bot protected format.


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