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“…examines the day in history and rates whether it’s good or bad
based on its “historical performance”.


Saturday, March 24, 2007

1837 – Canada gives African men the right to vote – GOOD

1878 – Eurydice sinks, killing 300. – BAD

1882 – Robert Koch discovers the bacterium responsible for
tuberculosis – GOOD

Interesting Side Note:
Koch was later awarded the Nobel Prize for this discovery.

1944 – The Ardeatine Massacre claims the lives of 355 Italian
civilians in Rome – BAD

1973 – Dark Side of the Moon is released. – COOL

1989 – Exxon Valdez spills over 200,000 barrels of petroleum in the
Alaskan sound. – BAD

Notable Births:

Michiel de Ruyter, John Harrison, William Morris, Andrew W. Mellon,
Harry Houdini, Peter Debye, Roscoe Arbuckle, Wilhelm Reich, Clyde
Barrow, Joseph Barbera, Constantine Andreou, Norman Fell, Dario Fo,
David Dacko, Steve McQueen, David Suzuki, David Irving, R. Lee Ermey,
Sir Alan Sugar, Tommy Hilfiger, Louie Anderson, Robert Carradine,
Nena, Star Jones Reynolds, Mark Callaway, Lara Flynn Boyle, Alyson
Hannigan, Peyton Manning, Darren Lockyer, Chris Bosh

Notable Deaths:

Harun al-Rashid, Pope Nicholas V, Elizabeth I of England, John
Harrison, Antoine-Henri Jomini, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Jules
Verne, Alexander Alekhine, Bernard Montgomery, Oscar Romero


A little more bad than good, but the good is really good. A lot of
awesome birthdays, too.