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“Cassini’s recent highly inclined orbits around Saturn have provided
the most unusual views of the planet and its rings yet seen.

Mar 1, 2007: Blinding Saturn – Surely one of the most gorgeous sights
the Solar System has to offer, Saturn sits enveloped by the full
splendor of its stately rings.

Mar 1, 2007: Ring World – Our robotic emissary, flying high above
Saturn, captured this view of an alien copper-colored ring world.

Mar 1, 2007: Tourniquet Shadows – Dark and sharply defined ring
shadows appear to constrict the flow of color from Saturn’s warmly
hued south to the bluish northern latitudes.

Mar 1, 2007: Pastel Planet – With pastel blues, pinks, greens and
golds, Saturn displays a dazzling diversity of colors and hues.

Mar 1, 2007: Symmetry in Shadow – Magnificent blue and gold Saturn
floats obliquely as one of its gravity-bound companions, Dione, hangs
in the distance.

Mar 1, 2007: The Lore of Saturn – The great planet Saturn reveals
mysteries more profound, and stories more grand, than those occasioned
by its ancient mythological namesake.

Mar 1, 2007: Magnificent Vista – Cassini coasts beneath giant Saturn,
staring upward at its gleaming crescent and icy rings.

Mar 1, 2007: The Great Crossing – This life-like movie sequence
captures Saturn’s rings during a ringplane crossing — which Cassini
makes twice per orbit — from the spacecraft’s point of view.”