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Feb. 25 – A new activity for the extreme sports enthusiast –
underwater ice hockey played upside down.

For those looking for a new pursuit to keep them busy through the long
winter, ice hockey may be just the thing. Played under the ice of a
frozen lake and upside down, this isn’t a sport for the thin skinned.

Under-ice hockey is a new craze among freedivers and extreme sports
lovers who do not mind a bit of a chill.

The game is played with teams of two men in a rink 6 metres wide and 8
metres long, under 30 centimetres of ice.

Playing without oxygen tanks, the players chase a styrofoam puck with
a hockey stick into goals fastened to the ice cover upside down.

They surface for air approximately every 30 seconds through the holes
cut in the ice.

To prevent the players from swimming outside the boundaries of the
playing area, the rink is marked by multi-coloured boards.

Teams from Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands,
Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia competed in the first world championship
in Under Ice Hockey which took place in Weissensee in Southern Austria.