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Auction Notes:
Court Ordered Auction/Sale

Re: Speed of Sound vs Nippy, Inc. & Carole Brown
Pursuant to a N.J. Superior Court Order (Warehouseman’s Lien)

Professional Audio Equipment, Musical Instruments, Designer Couture &
Wardrobe of Nippy, Inc.

84 Coit Street
Irvington, NJ  07111

Map: Click for Map

Auction Date(s):
Tuesday, January 9, 2007
Time: 11:00 AM

Whitney Houston’s Sound, Wardrobe, Instruments
Business Type: Audio/Visual Equipment

Featured Items:

Schimmel Lucite Grand Piano
Yamaha Black Lacquer Grand Piano
Musical Instruments, Tour Gear, Furniture, Authentic Broadway Musical
Set Props & Collectables
Studio Sound Modules

Crest Century LM 40×12 Console Monitor Rig Complete with: (12) Crest
7301 Power Amps, Ashley 4-channel gates, White EQ’s, DBX Compressors,
Rane Crossovers, Lexicon Effects Processors, XTA Stereo 1/3 Octave
Graphics,Maryland Sound Monitor Wedges, Sy Fills & Floor Monitors,
Power Distro, NL-4 Speaker Cables & more.

Professional Studio & Tour Mackie Mixers, Crown Amps, Sound Modules &
(3)Large Multi-Level Tour Sets
Dozens of Portable Work, Wardrobe & Production Road Cases
Road Case Mounted Sound Modules: Percussion Rigs, Keyboard Rigs & Drum
Roland A-50, A-70, A-80 & A-90 Pro-Grade Keyboards
Vintage Hammond Organ w/Speaker, Church Pew
Yamaha, Legends & Roland Digital Drum Sets
A Large Inventory Of Percussion Instruments
Sheet Music, Instrument Stands, Shure Wireless Mics, Portable Vanity
Yale 5000 lb. LPG Forklift
Antique Barber Chair, Modern Tempered Glass Chair & Table Set
Very Large Assortment of Clothing used on tour including Custom
Designed Evening Gowns, Dresses, etc.

Auction Terms:
Minimum 25% deposit at time of bid. Balance of payment due at
conclusion of auction or next day before 2pm. All payments must be
cash, certified funds, cashier’s checks, money orders or a business
checks accompanied by an irrevocable bank letter of guarantee (no
exceptions!) a $100 refundable registration fee will be charged to
enter building. 10% buyer’s premium. Assets to be offered first as a
bulk package and then in individual lots. Sharkey & Campisi, Attys for

In the event of severe snow sale will take place next day (1/10/07) @
11 am.

Please click on “download catalog” for complete lot listing.
(Click link below to view photos & a detailed descriptions)

Schimmel Acrylic Grand Concert Piano
Schimmel Acrylic Grand Concert Piano2
Yamaha Grand Concert Piano
Designer Tempered Glass Furniture
Crest Century Monitor Rig
Crest Century Monitor Rig2
Crest Century Monitor Rig3
Roland JD 800 Digital Keyboard
Roland Keyboards
Roland Keyboards
Roland Keyboards
Roland & Hammond Keyboards
Vintage Hammond Organ w/ Speaker
Church Pew
Yamaha Professional Drum Set
Legend Professional Drum Set
Ass’t Drums & Symbols
D Drum 3 Module & Snares
Drum Foot Pedals
Drum Stands
LP Galaxy & Gon Bops Conga Drums
Roland Digital Drum Kit
Roland & Drum Kat Digital Drums
Snare Drums
Mackie 16 Channel Sound Board
Mackie 12 Channel Mixer w/ Tama RW 100
Mallet Kat Pro Percussion Controller
AKAI Pro Ewi 3000M
Shure PSM 600 Wireless Mic
Studio Equipment Modules
Studio Equipment Modules
Studio Equipment Modules
Studio Equipment Modules
SWR Golliath & Marshall Speaker Systems
Tannoy Systems 215 DMT II Speakers
Portable Vanity Road Case
Portable Wardrobe Road Cases
Road Cases Of All Sizes
Portable Production Road Cases
Modern White Leather High Chair
White Leather & Acrylic High Chair
Multi Tier Concert Stage Set
Two Dismantle Concert Stage Sets
Music Awards
Music Awards2
Vintage Mills Slot Machine
Broadway Musical Props
Vintage Barber Shop Chair
Northfield 36″ Vertical Band Saw
Yale 5000 lbs LPG Forklift
Atelier Versace Tan Chifon Evening Dress
Atelier Versace Beaded Cat Suit
Dolce & Gabbana Black Sequin Beaded Pants
Dolce & Gabbana Silk Print Jeans
Dolce & Gabbana Tiger Print Sequin Skirt
Fendi Ivory Organza Beaded Jacket
Gianni Versace Silk Screen Print Vest w/ Rhinestones
Giorgio Armani Black Beaded Blazer
Luciano Soprani Silk Print Suit
Marc Bouwer White Velvet Suit
Silk Beaded Vest
Print Bustier w/ Beading
Black Velvet Bustier w/ Silver Beading
Dolce & Gabban Bustiers
Dolce & Gabban Tank Tops
Designer Shoes
Designer Shoes
Ass’t Designer Accessories
Designer Hats
Designer Hats
Designer Hats
Designer Hats
Schimmel Acrylic Grand Concert Piano *

Inspection Date(s):
Monday, January 8, 2007
Time: 11:00 AM to 3:00 AM
Tuesday, January 9, 2007
Time: 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM

Pickup Date(s):
Wednesday, January 10, 2007
Time: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Thursday, January 11, 2007
Time: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
To Be Announced