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Hedge funds, attracted by rising carbon prices, have started to invest
in the fledgling market in greenhouse gas emissions.

Carbon prices have been rising sharply since the European emissions
trading scheme was launched at the start of this year, reaching a
record closing price of €19 a tonne yesterday.

BUDAPEST -(Dow Jones)- The Hungarian government will auction 1.2
million carbon dioxide emission units on Dec. 11 and 18 via an
electronic CO2 auction platform, Vertis Group said on behalf the
Hungarian Ministry of Finance Monday.

The auction will take place on, the first CO2 exchange in
Central and Eastern Europe offering direct access to the European
carbon market, the web site’s operator, Vertis Group, said in a

The price of carbon-dioxide units on the European Union’s “climate
exchanges” has been very low over recent months. The lowest price so
far has been €8.4 per unit on November 17. The market closed at €9.1
on Friday. Experts now predict a further fall in prices, with several
countries now preparing to offer their marketable quota, while major
buyers – energy companies – have already purchased the necessary
quotas. (Mti-Eco) is part of the Climex Alliance, providing Europe-wide liquidity