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Help Black Box Voting Examine ES&S Software

“Bev Harris of Black Box Voting has asked for the help of the Slashdot
community. She would like people to take a look at ES&S’s central
tabulator software and start reporting on their impressions of it.
This is a past release of the software but it is similar to the
applications in production. Sorry, no source code.” Read on for Bev’s
request and pointers to the code repositories. Update 23:38 GMT by SM

Bev has confirmed that is indeed owned by BlackBoxVoting
making both a comment in the discussion and a post on the front page
of to help assuage reader fear/doubt.

From Bev:

“ES&S ‘Unity’ central tabulator software.

Software stash: three zip files —

User Manuals for ES&S software can be found here:

This is the ES&S central tabulator software, the ES&S counterpart to
the Diebold GEMS central tabulator software. No source code, sorry,
and no software for the precinct machines. This is reportedly one
generation back, but from what I’m told has significant similarities
to the new stuff. I would appreciate it if you can provide me with
feedback on your impressions after looking at it. You may want to
Slashdot it or whatever.


Bev Harris
Black Box Voting