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Breaking News: Weed Makes You Listen to Indie Rock
Pitchfork staff admits to not actually liking Sufjan, just being
really, really high

According to the Office of National Drug Control Policy and the
Partnership for a Drug-Free America, smoking the wacky tabacky turns
you into a poseur. Even worse: an indie rock poseur.

Listen to this PSA. Just listen to it. And then just try to tell me
it doesn’t make you want to put down the bong and start listening to
rap music.

Full transcript below.

FEMALE VOICE: (Computer voice) Being popular was all I could think
about last year. I wanted to, like, be cool with everybody. I listened
to music that I didn’t like and laughed at stuff that wasn’t funny. I
programmed myself to be a totally different person to everyone.

Computer voice starts to change into a real human voice.

FEMALE VOICE: But I wasn’t myself. Now I’m not pretending to like
indie rock or anything like that. And people think that’s cool.

MALE VOICE: Live above the influence. Above weed. Check out Sponsored by the ONDCP and the Partnership For
A Drug-FreeAmerica.

Stream: Above the Influence: The Marijuana-Indie Rock Connection