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Did Enron try this?
Five punished for China banquet binge death / Oct 24, 2006

BEIJING, Oct 24 (Reuters Life!) – Five Chinese power bureau officials have been dismissed or demoted after an auditor died from a series of banquet binges, the Shanghai Daily reported on Tuesday.

The death of Zhang Hongtao, 25, who worked with the Yanshan County Audit Office in northern Hebei province, was blamed on alcohol after banquets provided in April for auditors by the Yanshan Power Supply Co., the newspaper said. Instead of working, Zhang did little else but eat, drink, play cards and enjoy massages, the official China Daily said. “Zhang called his family the day before his death, saying that he couldn’t pick up his child because the power bureau had invited the auditors and some other supervision officials to another banquet,” the newspaper said.

“That night, Zhang consumed a lot of alcohol and became very ill. When the bureau invited the group to dine again the next day, Zhang’s lifeless body was found, which Zhang’s family said was due to alcohol poisoning.”
China bars auditors from banquets, trips, entertainment events or parties hosted by the company they are in the process of auditing. Last month, a court in the eastern province of Zhejiang ordered a group of eight friends to pay compensation after a guest they made drink too much at a banquet collapsed and died.