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Teens spark police chase across U.S. anti-terror base

MIAMI, Florida (Reuters) — Two teenagers Wednesday drove a stolen car
onto the U.S. military base that commands much of the war on terror,
triggering an investigation into the security breach, police and
military officials said.

Police in Tampa, Florida, said the joy riders were stopped and
arrested only after ramming two police cruisers that had entered
MacDill Air Force Base in pursuit.

Police had been monitoring the vehicle as it sped through the Florida
Gulf Coast city after eluding a police speed trap, said police
spokeswoman Laura McElroy.

The car then “blasted through the gate at the base,” and police at
that point took up the chase and were waved through by military
police, McElroy said.

There was nothing at the gate preventing entry to MacDill, which
houses the U.S. Central Command, responsible for U.S. military
operations in the Horn of Africa, Middle East and Central Asia and
therefore for much of the U.S. war on terror.

Public affairs spokesman Air Force Lt. Larry van der Oord declined to
discuss specific security measures in force at the gate but said an
investigation had been launched.

“But the thing to remember is that this is an isolated incident. The
suspects were apprehended very quickly once they made their way into
the base and taken into custody,” van der Oord said.

Davaraye Mungin, 16, and Damia Bowie, 16, face charges of grand theft
auto, fleeing law enforcement, resisting arrest with violence and
aggravated assault on a policeman. They may also face federal charges.