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September 1, 2006

Far-Right Poster Girl Turns Out to Be Czech Erotic Model

German right-wing extremists had hoped to lure teenagers to their cause
in Cologne with a new youth magazine. The nationalists even had an ad
with an attractive young girl next to the slogan: “German is Hot!” The
only problem? The model turned out to be a Czech erotic model.

A German far-right group has run into trouble for a publication
directed towards teens in Cologne. After first angering advertisers who
felt they had been duped into supporting a xenophobic student magazine
named Objektiv, the right-wing bigots are now accused of stealing
pictures used in the 24-page publication.

Ironically, the photo in question is of an attractive blond in a tank
top and short skirt next to the slogan: “German is Hot!” But in an
embarrassing faux pas for the German nationalists, it now it turns out
that the Teutonic hottie is actually a Czech lingerie model. So much
for offering a “free-patriotic point of view,” as was supposedly the
remit of the less-than-objective Objektiv.

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According to Internet Web site operator DutchTeenCash, the right-wing
extremists behind Objektiv failed to pay for the photo of the girl — a
20-year-old student from the Czech Republic known online as “Jaimy” —
raising the possibility of legal action. “We’ve handed this over to our
lawyers and will likely go to court,” a spokesman for the company said,
explaining that they had been unable to reach Objektiv’s backers, the
“Bürgerbewegung Pro Köln” (Citizen Initiative for Cologne), to
discuss copyright infringement.

Objektiv’s student publisher, who included tips for an aquarium visit
and sport climbing with warnings about the “sexual steam on our
streets” from local Turks and an anti-mosque campaign, is claiming
ignorance about the decision to use a Slavic erotic model as a Teutonic
poster girl.

“I didn’t know anything about it,” said Martin Schöppe, a Cologne high
school student. His sentiments are echoed by Manfred Rouhs, an official
from Pro Köln in the city government. “I can definitely and officially
say that no one has contacted us about copyright infringement,” Rouhs
said, even though he could not explain why Jaimy’s photo had been
removed from the group’s Web site. “I’m not familiar with that.”

The Czech erotic model incident isn’t the first time that Objektiv has
caused problems for the far-right group. Many of the businesses that
advertised in the first and only issue of the student publication now
say they were unaware of its xenophobic nature, causing them to
complain they were duped by the right-wing extremists.

“We were approached about an ad in a student magazine,” said Patrick
Schneider, the head of local dance school Schulerecki. “Once I had the
thing in my hands I was shocked. We won’t allow ourselves to be used to
pull a right-wing extremist cart!” He too is looking into legal action
after the group refused to stop offering an online version of Objektiv.

With reporting by Armin Himmelrath.