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“Once we made sure we had every box that contained photos, we relaxed a bit and started looking around and talking to the ladies. They told us it took them months to prepare for this sale because there was so much in the garage and home. It made me a bit sad to hear that they had thrown away the old magazines and ephemera. Oh well, can’t win them all. It was the cleanest and most organized sale I have ever seen. Not a speck of dust and odor free. Even the old photos have no hint of smell so they were stored well over the years. Turns out the dad was a dentist and the mom a nurse. Maybe that’s why the place seemed sterile. I learned that they traveled all over the world and during the war, were stationed in Panama.

Here are some photos from one of the albums we purchased which is completely filled with hundreds of shots taken in Panama, circa 1940’s. These images are from the Darien and Kuna Indians.”


“Julia this ring on my right hand that you see is one that I cut off a German’ – First Cook David L Scheidely